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Case Cost Financing For Law Firms

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For contingency fee law firms, cash flow is anything but predictable. Advancing various fees including mediation, court costs, and expert retainers on a several-year payback schedule can trap law firms in their own cases. What’s worse, the financial pressures may force firm and client to accept sub-optimal settlements. Instead, consider the flexibility offered by Fortis Funding’s case cost financing options.

Liquidity is the key to growing your law firm. When hundreds of thousands of dollars are tied up in progressing your cases, that’s money that can’t be used on your marketing budget to help grow your firm’s bottom line. In certain cases, the costs associated with case cost financing can be passed through to clients resulting in little to no expense to the firm. Draws simply get paid back upon successful completion of a case.

With no minimum draw amount and a simple underwriting and approval process, giving your law firm the flexibility it needs to grow is as easy as calling Fortis Funding! Get started today!

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What Do Our Clients’ Say?

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Advances from $500 to $50,000

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Funding within 24 hours of approval

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No credit checks with Fortis Funding

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No risk – If you don’t win your case, you don’t pay us back!

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How Does Fortis Funding Work?

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After briefly communicating with your legal team, we’ll let you know if you’re approved

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